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Toggle navigation. How to Broadly Judge Longevity- the basic Model or Framework One needs to comprehend that soothsaying is a probabilistic science and that is in accordance with karma hypothesis. The basic factors that affect the longevity of any person. Strength of Lord of eighth house.

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If the lord of eighth house is in conjunction with lagna ascendant lord or a malefic and is in eighth house, the longevity is questionable. If Saturn or shani and lord of 10 th house karma bhava are in eighth — with is malefic planet or lagna lord. The same principle of negative cancels negative exists here. There are many combinations to do with longevity- so the overall strength and weaknesses of these planets could be sued to find out longevity.

If the lord of eight house is weak or in debility and also the eight house has a malefic in it and the lord of lagna or tanu bhava ascendant is weak. If the lord of eight house randhr bhava , eighth house and the lord of twelfth are conjunct with malefic planets- the child may not live long. Also at the same time the ascendant has the eight lord in debility or weakness- the longevity is questionable.

If the of 5 th house and 8 th house and lord of eighth house are all conjunct with bad planets or malefic. There could be short life span. If the lord of eight is in eighth itself and also moon Chandra is with malefic planets and does not have good aspects drishti , the child may not live beyond one month. The longevity is good.

You are alluring and have a tempting nature You are supernatural and might be a seeker of truth You could have a face like a deer-essentially lovely You are energetic, garrulous and great at discourse You have a dynamic personality and might have instability You could set out and cherish for travel could be there. Too You could be appealing and blameless looking You could be upright, great hearted and administration situated you have a positive blemishes or empathy vitality in you You could be shrewd in discourse, cheerful and savvy You could defeat your foes and controls outrage You would appreciate youngsters and have an upbeat marriage Your life could be momentous.

You have avoid clashes , battles and yes mishaps. One may leave the world all of a sudden because of part of blemishes. Your Venus is sufficiently reasonable in trikona place of fifth house.

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Moon is in Pisces in balyavastha Sun the leader of essentials is feeble, however in ninth place of trines. There is no malefic angle to first house or eighth house master. All the above mixes recommend a deerghayu for you that are years atleast. Do you know that most everyone is searching for love. Don't you think if you should believe it possible and actively put in effort that you could find someone too? It is not too far-fetched. I have seen so many people who have gone to famous Vedic astrologers who have told them they will die at this age, get divorced at this age, etc. What is this going to do for your life to hear someone give you the blunt answer that you're seeking?

Why don't you begin to meditate and see what in yourself is rejecting the experience of love. Your natal chart is a map of YOUR life, your psyche. If no love shows up there, it is only there because it is mirroring your own psychology. Why not go inside and alter these beliefs? You think that because you know many people who are old and haven't found the love they are seeking that this proves your beliefs, but it doesnt. Many people live life with their eyes half closed. Many people, once they reach a certain age stop growing and progressing and learning.

Don't be one of those people! Once you believe that you can find love and make the self effort to do so, you will find what you're looking for. Until then, no one can help you. I know that you are divine and strong just like all of us, if only you can step into your own strength you CAN have the life you want, but if you refuse to believe it no one else can help you IP: Logged. I'm looking at the 7th house and the 7th lord which is the house of marriage and the 1st house and the first lord which is the bhavatvama of the 7th house.

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I'm looking at planetary placements from the moon itself. And then I'm looking at venus the significator of marriage and jupiter the significator of husband. And then what I do, I apply the exact same concept into your navamsha chart which is a divisional chart in Vedic astrology related to marriage.

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So after looking at everything, shows that your marriage is going to be happening in between November to February of which is mercury mahadasha and jupiter entradasha. That's so soon. How could that happen? I am definitely going to miss that boat. Mercury shows marriage because mercury is conjunct venus the significator of marriage.

And mercury rules the ascendant of your birth chart, so it clearly shows marriage. The reason why jupiter show marriage is because jupiter is the significator of husband, and jupiter is also in your seventh house. He's using a much different version of my chart.

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I'm used to a Western chart with a saturn in 1st, a jupiter in 6th house and a cancer stellium of sun, venus and mercury in 8th house, with a Scorpio Ascendant. With my vedic chart, I've got a libra ascendant going on , with a saturn in 2nd house, and my jupiter is in the 7th house, and instead I have a gemini stellium of sun, venus and mercury in the 9th house. I'm not really sure how I feel about this??? My life would probably easier with an Libra ascendant, and not having Saturn in 1st house means I could get married in my late 20s without automatically facing a divorce as KRS would say.

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And a gemini stellium in the 9th house is a lot easier to deal with. But I don''t really feel like these Vedic placements apply to me. And jupiter rules the 7th house in your navamsha chart. So it shows marriage. During this period, jupiter will transit your ascendant and aspect the 7th house and venus itself. Saturn in the 3rd house will also transit venus.

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So double transit of saturn and jupiter gives us marriage. And your going to meet your spouse through a formal introduction. So I do seeing it being an arranged marriage. I've always been attracted to guys from other cultures, and in my Western chart, I have a couple of placements that point to me ending up with someone outside of my culture, so I never even entertained the option of an arranged marriage. I even forbid my family from trying. The spouse is going to be of a medium height, average-tan complex, squarish jawline, prominent nose, thick eyebrows, thick enough hair, broad shoulders, broad forehead, Very athletic body.

Most definitely he will be in fields of medicine as well. There's only one person I know who fits that description. He will have younger sister and brothers.

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Shows he is the eldest sibling. Will not have a good relationship with the mother at all. But a good relationship with the father. But will definitely have interest towards spirituality, occult, mysticism. No matter how much hardship you are facing in your life but if your deeds and efforts are up the mark so at certain age, such person definitely gets a throne.

Person can also attain the final liberation if Atma Karaka, Lagna lord of main birth chart, Navamsha Lagna lord and Venus are connected Through conjunction, Sign Exchange, Aspect with each other in Navamsha chart. Now if we see this transformation process through astrology, so the day when you born in the earth, your D-1 chart gets prepared accordingly which signifies each section of your life including all the relations. Because as per astrology, Process of life has been divided into two parts, One is the labour another is fruits, Lagna chart signifies the labour and Navamsha chart signifies fruits of that labour.

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  6. D-1 chart shows once previous life Deeds and D-9 charts shows rewards of that previous life deeds May be good or bad or mixed. As per karmic text your early life Till the age of 25 has been reserved for education and mind development process, which is also known as labour process of life, hence it is said that your actual life starts after the period 25 year, and then you put your mind towards your career and start achieving your career or specific aim If have any , hence after the age of twenty five when Lagna chart starts transform itself towards Navamsha chart to give you the fruits of your labour.

    Case Study - 1 North Indian Format. South Indian Format. So even if he has not strong yoga or strong indication to jump into spiritual world in D-1 chart however since his D-1 has started migrated into D-9 so he started facing transformation according to Navamsa D So remember, everyone has to face transformation in his life, I have seen people starting their career with different stream however later in life doing something different things, Just due to Navamsa impact on life.

    Like if your moon is debilitated in your D-1 chart however exalted or occupied owned sign in D-9, so however you have bad relation with your mother in your early life but later with the time when D-9 effect of exalted moon will get merged with your debilitated moon of D-1 chart, So situation will automatically start improving and day by day and your worse situation will be migrated in good situation.

    So that the basic concept of transformations in astrology between D-1 to D-9, like if any planet is good in D-1 but bad in D-9 so you that planet is getting transformed in good to bad, but if debilitated in D-1 and exalted in D-9, So it means that planet will face transformation form debilitation towards exaltation, and effect of this transformation you can see in your life.