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So the aspect of Jupiter on Sun did not help because Jupiter is overpowered by 2 strong malefics.

Ashtak Varga - Ashtakavarga - an Introduction

What else can be known from the Sarva-Ashtakavarga? In the Sarva-Ashtakavarga we need to first understand the following:.

Weakest house — The house that has the lowest score is weak. Weak houses — Less than 25 points. Medium houses — points 4. Strong — Greater than 28 points. Strongest house — The house that has the highest score is strong.

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These directional changes can be calculated by considering the planets fixed, and advancing the M. Observe the new aspects which these form with the radical planets as also the changing mutual aspects of planets. These Primary Directions are said to indicate the events in a man's life which are beyond his control, the inescapable destiny that smiles or frowns on him.

Taking a day to represent one year of life, the span of 90 years is completed by the movement of the planets in about 3 months. The horoscope cast for the same time as that of birth, on the day which represents the year, is the basis of judgment in the secondary system. The aspects formed by the progressed planets to the radical ones and the aspects to radical angles are judged, taking one planet after another.

The solar directions thus formed are the most important.

Then come the M. G, the Ascendant and the directions of other planets to those in the radical and progressed horoscopes. The Lunar directions are taken next.

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Another simple method of Directing is the Radix system in which the average daily motion of the Sun 59' 8" is taken as the increment for every year, for the Sun, Moon and every planet and M. G The Ascendant corresponding to the directional M. The aspects formed by the progressed planets with the radical ones are then studied in order to judge the trend of the coming year.

Indian system : All matters relating to a person's life, its duration, environment, etc. The different kinds of Yogas combi- nation or set-up of planetary positions with reference to the XV Ascendant or otherwise are linked up with the events in the life of the native by considering the following factors : — 1. The peculiar sign position of a planet in the heavens that adds to its strength, such as exaltation, occupancy of its own house, Vargottama, etc. This is independent of bhavas or the nature of the planet.

The bhavas house positions such as position in Kendras angles , Konas trinal houses , etc. This is independent of the exaltations of planets. Nature of the planet that forms the Yoga. This is inde- pendent of its sign position and bhava position. Dignity or lack of it imparted to houses by the planets occupying them, e. Bhava and Planets, e.


Combination of bhava , sign position and the planets. In this the sign position Exaltation, etc. The span of life due to certain Yogas is a definite number of years. Naisargikayurdaya, 2. Pindayurdaya, 3. Rasmijayurdaya, 4. Amsakayurdaya, 5. Chakrayurdaya, 6. Nakshatrayurdaya, 7. In the first three systems a certain number of years is allotted to each planet holding an exaltation position and half the values to those that are debilitated. Proportional values are derived when the planets are in intermediate positions.

The years obtained are subject to 4 kinds of reductions, via:. The Ayus derived from the Ascendant is added to this. In the Amsakayurdaya the number of years contributed by each planet and the Lagna is equal to the number of Navamsas elapsed from Mesha, expunging cycles of 12 signs whenever the Navamsa number exceeds These are further modified, in res- pect of planets in exaltation, own house, etc.

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  • The Chakrayurdaya based on the Kalachakra Dasa system is found by two methods : 1 The Ayus length of life is the sum of the periods contributed by the planets in proportion to the untraversed portions in the Nakshatra quarter i. Each quarter pada of the Nakshatra is allotted a fixed number of years.

    The Moon's Navamsa determines the particular Dasa years. The proportional part is calculated for the untraversed portion in the Navamsa oc- cupied by the Moon and the periods of rasis carried on from that point. In the Ashtottari system the maximum life period is supposed to be years. The 28 Nakshatras including Abhijit are divided into 8 groups and allotted to the 8 planets inclusive of Rahu. The proportional part remaining in a planet's Dasa is cal- culated from the untraversed portion of the Nakshatra occupied by the Moon in that group.

    The remaining Dasas follow in a fixed order. In the Vimshottari system the maximum life is taken to be years.

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    The 27 Nakshatras are divided into nine groups. The three Nakshatras of every group are in trine to one another. Each group is ruled by a planet which is allotted a fixed period. Rahu and Ketu are taken as planets in this Dasa system. The proportional part corresponding to the untraversed portion in the Nakshatra occupied by the Moon is the balance of the Dasa period of the planet ruling the Nakshatra.