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Rakhi Guleria. Arun Pathania. Rekha Sharma. Sanketi Talashilkar. Lokender Pathania. Purnima Raina. Manju Sakhuja. Sumit Jagya. Ammisha- The Makeup Queen. Thank you sir! Devendra Sir gave me a detailed and very hopeful review. He is a very sincere n dedicated person. Thank you very much sir. He provided best solution i am satisfied with his help n ans, hope his suggestion works for me.


Good job Excellent astrologer giving the explanataion very clerly. Very good app.. I contacted Devendra sharma sir. He gave me all answer with remedies.. Thanku so much. I m highly satisfied by sir's communications I hope everyone should communicate with him at least once. Nice to talk with you. Thank you Advice for my good future To bring positive thinking in me.. This was in Suryaprakash issue or , i vaguely remember it but what i do remember is Patel Saheb had that issue which was on retrogression and he had asked me to read it several times.

Divya Jyotish Sansthan

So i used to read it at his house. I vaguely remember the technique now since its more than 7 -8 years that i read it Technique a Note Saturn if it is retrograde in its chart b Saturn has regular 3, 7, 10 aspect that is straight aspect, that means if saturn is in 1H, it will aspect 3rd house, 7th house and 10th house c But if this Saturn is retrograde in chart then it will have reverse aspect of 3,7,10, that means for eg if Saturn is in 1H, then its 3rd aspect will be on 11th house, 7th aspect obviously on 7th house and 10th aspect on 4th house.

See Vandana Gupta if u can test this, i have done my testing and it works. There used to be one astrologer from Gujarat who got settled in USA, he was very young and we used to interact via emails during the yahoogroup days of PVRs vedic astrology group, he had learnt some rare methods of Bhrighu Astrology from his uncle and this was one of the methods he told me when i shared my own observation of it.