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They sometimes seem antisocial, and do not respond to guilt-inducing discipline techniques in school or at home. They combine the weird, inventive and futuristic energies of Uranus with the inspirational energies of Neptune. However, they ought not be diagnosed as hyperactive, dyslexic and suffering from neurological disorders. She suggests that rather than having ADD and being described as hyperactive , it is more likely the previous generations the rest of us are to be considered hypoactive by comparison.

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Only they have a nervous system wired for the immense unfolding of the next few decades, processing and acting upon astoundingly large amounts of information in very short spaces of time. The Indigo Children can be described as creative, independent, brilliant and self-governing. Lock their minds up and they will rebel or refuse to cooperate and drop out. Cooperating with them is next. They need support, understanding, creativeness and patience. Richard Giles also described a personal experience when he was selling music, jewelry and cards from a market stall.

The two of them left the pram momentary to look at something on the stall opposite and the little boy stayed in the pram right in front of me.

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He was a pleasant little boy with a friendly expression and a very calm demeanor, about 3 - 4 years. It just flowed.


Then the parents turned back and took the back of his stroller and they moved on. He nodded to me as he went by and disappeared into the crowd with his lovely smile and that was it.

It was some sort of effortless flow The experience was like living in a huge warm, flowing world where everything was beautifully sunny and everything was just right and in its perfect place while it was all happening. The after-effects stayed with me for ages. There is definitely no doubt: they are indeed very, very special Beings!

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    Now nearly 26, Rebecca says she does not follow astrology as closely anymore. But her mother, who became interested when Rebecca did, is still keen. But as for living completely by astrology, not even he does that. Subscriber Exclusives. Just In.