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Jeffrey Green walked into our bookstore a year later, during the time he was developing and teaching the revolutionary work that became Evolutionary Astrology. Between Jeffrey and my mother, I was surrounded by astrology. Still, my reluctance persisted and I held out from jumping in with both feet. Eventually I started studying directly with Jeffrey in By then, I had become the manager of the bookstore and told myself it was important to know something about the books I was selling and promoting. Although I started studying for practical reasons, a passion for astrology slowly crept in and I really got hooked — it was like a new universe had opened up, a universe within my own consciousness.

What I found was an intense path to deconstruction of the self I thought I knew, and a deeper understanding of who I really am. I was scared, but I pushed through my resistance… and now 30 years later I could not imagine who I would be without astrology. I had been sleep walking through life, not connected to who I was — astrology brought me that connection and helped me awaken to my authentic self. It is my passion and privilege to have been initiated into this sacred art through my family lineage, and I continue to carry the torch forward through teaching, in private practice, and as owner of NORWAC.

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I bring a grounded, spiritual approach to my teaching, providing a structured learning environment that encourages students to develop their own intuition. I am strong and direct, but like to bring humor and stories to my style as a way of ushering the material to life. I want the universe of astrology to awaken within my students as well. In it's noblest sense, the purpose of the practice of astrology is to restore connection where there has been estrangement In a world where estrangement is the norm, to restore connection to a personally meaningful universe, is a profound act of service.

To say that Evolutionary Astrology changed my life would be an understatement.

Evolutionary Astrology Virgo Archetype

It was more like; my life was destined to unfold within the body of work known as Evolutionary Astrology. I had just left everything behind and was moving to Germany indefinitely, to start a project for the company I was working for.

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I met extraordinary Healers, Shamans and Masters who guided me to come into my own healing work, which I did, while also combining my love of Evolutionary Astrology for several years. When I returned to the USA in , I was so excited to find the Evolutionary Astrology Message board, which at the time Jeffrey was participating in and soaked up everything I could from him directly.

He also announced that he was going to teach another school in person. I signed up but before the school started, I received an email that Jeffrey had taken ill and the school was cancelled.

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I was fortunate to be a part of the last in person school he ever did. Eventually we ended up working together, running the training program, teaching the work and sharing a practice until he joined his Ancestors on the other side in Both Roger and Jeffrey, who generously contributed Forwards to my book, guided and encouraged me like loving Fathers through the several year process of writing.

I have been lecturing on and teaching astrology internationally since , frequently giving keynote and regular lectures as well as pre and post conference workshops. I am honored to be a guide and midwife to your process of discovering your deepest and most authentic expression of yourself!


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Rose Marcus Builders study blueprints, travelers follow maps, keys unlock doors. Before that, most of us are operating from our moon sign and moving thru the world with habitual and unconscious response patterns.

Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

As we approach our first Saturn Return we begin to understand what the essence of our Sun sign is all about and we begin to make a conscious transition from habitual patterns moon to conscious living. Jeffrey Green in his wonderful book on Pluto- The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul writes about four states of evolutionary conditioning that are not revealed by the chart.

It is quite doubtful that we as yoga therapists will come in contact with these individuals as many of them are severly mentally deficient.

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  • They rarely question their beliefs and are happy to follow mainstream thinking and behavioral patterns. These people question the beliefs and norms of society and look to develop their individuality.

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    • Many of them are drawn to yoga and the other spiritual practices which teach from the inside out. Self-discovery is their chosen methodology for learning.