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These geographic barriers served to insulate Kerala from invading forces in Northern India and may have enabled Kerala to keep much of its own way of life and social institutions in place for centuries. While at the same time, Kerala was able to exchange ideas and philosophy with other countries, such as Egypt, Arabia and China, because of its location along the Malabar Coast.

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There is also indication of trading between ancient Kerala and the Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians, as well as ancient China. Teak from Malabar has been found in the ruins of Ur. It is believed that Indian cotton was traded to Egypt, while ivory, sandalwood and spices were traded to the Phoenicians.

It has also been speculated that King Solomon sent his commercial fleet to Ephir, which is said to be somewhere in Southern Kerala. In my opinion there are several factors that contributed to the development and continuation of Prasna in Kerala today. First, considering the attention given to the Moon, its house placement and aspects, as well as the dominance of omens and rituals involved in Prasna Shastra, indicates a Dravidian influence. This original belief may have continued to evolve as the early Keralites came into contact with other religions and cultures.

Second, Prasna is a highly ritualistic and complicated technique and although the Jains are a minority in Kerala, they make up a highly educated, wealthy and politically dominate group.

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The ritualistic nature of their faith, in combination with their education and influence may have been a contributing factor in the techniques used in Prasna, as well as the fact that it is still practiced today. Finally, the geographic terrain served to isolate and protect the people of Kerala and allowed the culture to continue to develop through the centuries.

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This time in Toronto! He is a household name in South India. The Astrological programme of Dr. Jain on Udaya T.

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On Sundays has become immensely popular. Jain Was born and brought up in Bangalore. He combined the technique of Horoscope and Prashna Shastra Horary Astrology with an effect that is terrific by using Brigu Samhita an ancient treasure of Astrological lore. The style of his forecast is definite, acceptable to those who value the Shastras and therefore has endeared itself to o The style of his forecast is definite, acceptable to those who value the Shastras and therefore has endeared itself to one and all.

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