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We are all under the constant influence of our sun and moon signs. These planets trump everything else in our chart when it comes to their level of influence in our lives. They are the major contributors to what makes us who we are. What's more, by their very nature they are always at odds. They truly represent our internal yin and yang.

Capricorn Sun And The 12 Different Moon Signs! [Capricorn Man/Woman] [Sun & Moon Astrology]

The drive of our sun and needs of moon are opposing forces. The sun looks for progress and movement while the moon looks for security and comfort. If you have these planets in signs that have similar natures, it makes the relationship between your sun and moon much easier. Conversely, when your sun and moon are in signs with very different natures, a great deal of internal tension is likely. Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable - Are your sun and moon in the same or different modalities?

Scroll to bottom of page for list of sign combinations. If your sun and moon are not different on any level it's because they share the same sign. There is an internal stability that creates peace within you. There is no internal struggle between the conscious drives of your sun and unconscious needs of your moon because they are the same and in perfect accord. The things you are driven to do are the same things you need for comfort and security.

This makes things easy for you. However, because a great deal of your energy is focused on the drives and needs of this one sign, a very narrow focus of energy is created. This limits your ability to deal with things in a variety of ways, and limits your ability to see things from a large perspective. You deal with things and see things primarily through only one sign. Conversely, this narrow focus creates a sharp point, which contains a great deal of power.

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You may choose to use this to your advantage. However, because of the easy, peaceful nature of this combination, you may never choose to exercise this power. Heavy tension between Sun and Moon. Equality and fairness are hallmarks of the sign. You have an internal struggle between your needs and your wants. You can lack focus and be indecisive as a result. Because your ego and your mind are aligned, you possess much mental energy.

Your opinions are usually strong and you are an independent thinker. Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. Because you value harmony, you may find yourself giving in to others too easily, especially in the first half of life.

Sun-Moon Blends: Aries

You have all it takes to be executive, except the desire that would be required. Happiness can depend on assuring peacefulness and harmony in environment or home life, and in respect to human relationships. You need to be deeply interested in people. Tension between Sun and Moon. They are determined folk that absolutely throw themselves into whatever they do — but getting them to commit to something is rarely an easy task.

They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts—in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content. There is a conflict here between the head and the heart. Your emotions tell you one thing and your mind tells you something else. The result is a see-saw effect: you can be emotional to the point of irrationality at one moment, and logical the next. When Moon is in hard aspect to Saturn in the natal chart, natives need to learn to trust others more. Fear keeps them from fully enjoying personal relationships, and fear is behind the occasional rigidity that they express.

She is extremely observant and astute, always reading between the lines and looking for the real meaning behind things. Venus in Libra people will try to impress you with their kindness, evenhandedness, and willingness to make your relationship work. You attract and control people with the strength of your personality, but you are tactful and considerate of others in a general sense, although your goals are usually clear. There is a great deal of determination and intensity of purpose, perhaps showing a relentless aspect to your personality.

Sun & Moon Combinations: How Well do your Sun & Moon get Along?

You cling to habits and routines with great tenacity, rarely being swayed from your point of view. Your mind is occupied with the realities and facts of the here and now, with little interest or concern for ideals or the philosophical. Peace between sun and moon. Social relationships are extremely important to you. You are generally charming with an easy-going manner. It is easy and natural for you to accept responsibilities, to lead a rather ordered life, and to apply caution in your financial and business dealings You easily embrace new ways of doing things, you stick up for the underdog, and you express yourself in unique and inspiring ways.

Moon in Libra people have a strong need for partnership. The focus can be on bringing more harmony, balance, and beauty to your personal life, home, and family. The Sun moves into your communications sector today, dear Leo, and will influence this area of your solar chart until October 23rd.

You are curious, interested in others, and eager to learn new things. While this is a busy time for making connections, maintaining continuity can require extra effort right now. The focus can be on mental stimulation and variety. Some positive publicity or affectionate dialogues can figure strongly now.

The Sun ends its yearly transit of your sign today, dear Virgo, and moves forward into your sector of values and resources. The month ahead is good for turning your attention to stabilizing your life and putting ideas to work for you. Until October 23rd, money and possessions, comfort, sensual enjoyment, and simple, pleasurable activities assume more importance in your life.

You want or need to take charge of your money and take better care of your valuables, develop your talents and resources, and establish yourself. Today is likely to be quite warm and friendly, particularly on the home front. Entertaining in the home or dealings with family, home-related business, and creative matters are favored. Activities that soothe, comfort, and boost your confidence can be in focus, and attracting the right resources can be straightforward.

You feel happiest and most content when you feel secure and comfortable, and it may very well be a good time for purchases for the home. The Sun enters your sign today, dear Libra, where it will transit for the coming month, vitalizing your personality and personal plans. People notice you more than usual. Aim to make good impressions and project yourself with confidence and positivity.

Your natural charm emerges for everyone to see today. Today is particularly suitable for conversations that boost or heal you, and you may similarly boost someone up with a gesture or comment. The Sun moves into your privacy and soul sector today for a month-long visit, dear Scorpio. In the weeks ahead, you can experience increasing needs for rest and replenishment. It can be a time for making some willing sacrifices for others. Pleasantness with others can open doors, and benefits come from paying more attention to the hidden elements and patterns of your interactions.

The Sun moves into your sector of dreams, wishes, hopes, ideals, and friendship today, dear Sagittarius, where it will influence for the coming month. Mercury and Venus in this area of your solar chart have boosted your social life. Friendships come into sharper focus over the coming weeks, and the need to feel part of a group or team, or to enjoy the company of friends, increases.

This can be a time of a stronger need to latch onto dreams and plans for the future and to create meaningful goals. Opportunities for friendship and shared happiness arise.

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Sharing your work, ideas, or expertise with others can be rewarding. The Sun moves to the top of your solar chart today, dear Capricorn, where it will transit until October 23rd. The weeks ahead are active for recognizing and honoring your goals and ambitions. Your attention turns to professional matters, objectives, material or social success, and your reputation. Your instincts for advancement are excellent now, and others are noticing you for what you do or how you perform. It can be a time of increased recognition, and possibly greater responsibility as well! Today, there can be some touching moments or warm musings happening that refresh your spirit. A Venus-Ceres aspect encourages good feedback or social opportunities coming from professional dealings or business. Your personality can be the selling point in your career or business and the major contributing factor to your success right now. The Sun moves into your sector of spirit and adventure today, dear Aquarius, and will influence this area of your solar chart until October 23rd.

In the weeks ahead, the more adventurous and exploratory side of your nature comes to the fore.