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Who knows what's in store. Though he was not perfect, he was emotionally and spiritually perfect for me. Logic can get in the way as Concepcion has stated with Virgos. I ran when I let logic and knee jerk reactions to potential problems throw me. I've worked on my self in this time, and know communication is a must.

Even if telling how unconfortable I am we matters of the heart, and I naturally run from being scared of getting hurt. Ashley, Virgos like us hurt ourselves because of our fear when we hold back.

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Better to be in motion and enjoying a true connection because hurts come in any relationship Mother, Brother, Father, Fiend etc. The thing to remember is that Joy comes in those same relationships. And the love and joy that we miss by disconnecting to our true desire to have a relationship is all we are stuck with.

Time to make cherished memories. Love and follow through to discover joy. As the saying goes Love like you can't be hurt. Now That's Living!

Rk Maybe just me but most virgos I kno end up cheating because of this reason. The concerned So, did you got over him? EvileDNA It's not about now. If you can make him respect you then you could stay. THEN, ask yourself how you think you'll feel in six months. Then twelve months from now about it Then ask yourself what you need. Your feelings will have been lost in the shuffle; don't lose sight of them.

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Have fun! Virgo Virgo born August 24, married for over 31 years to Taurus born April Amazing husband and dad.

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We had an awesome life together. Last 2 years he had an affair With a cancer woman 28 years younger. Came back home 2 months ago after going back and forth between me and mistress but he is sad and reserved. Will it last? Should I let him go? I love him a lot. He claims he loves me too.

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Ima Virgo Let go remain friends! No need to be miserable. Life is too short for the Bull.

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Megan I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You have given this man 31 years!!! We share the same birthday and it's been a hard year for our hearts. I only ask you to think about the fact that he has betrayed you in the worst way imaginable. He has turned his back on your 31 years in exchange for his loins. Your soul knows what to do Never walk away if your not ready!

I'm so sorry this was done to you. VirgoToo No you should not take him back. Jackie Leave. Run, don't walk. All circumstances against. Didn't change my feelings for him at all. Will we have a real chance? George I'm virgo too don't trip just give some time don't trip if she's in love with u he will get back on track.

Virgo guys are like that or worst in the some way but talking helps. Not fighting. VirgoNation I'm a Virgo born September 13, dating a cancer born July 2, will things get better. Virgohope No. Get out while you can. Virgo girl Hi, I am a Virgo girl, in love with a Aries, he is very good. He is passiate, loving and family oriente. I love that aries. UgaVirgo I am in love with this Sagittarius, very experimental, love her for real.

Bwine Virgo Divorced from Cancer. No luck in love since. Will I ever find my true love? Sona Virgo, born Sep Sun 22 degree conjunct Pluto 24 degree at 5th house. Mars at Sag 26 degree square my Sun-Pluto. What might expect from 13th Sep Eclipse? Currently having severe problem at job Aquarius 6 degree MC. Sue Same birthdate; have issues at the office with preferential treatment given to the usual few. Virgo's not know to flaunt their abilities, but those who kiss up to management seem to get ahead.

Nicole Do you work at my office? This is insane. And I won't kiss up.

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I am based on merit and do an incredible job, but it doesn't seem to matter. All that seems to matter is who I "whore" to. Is this why American business if failing? Hang in there. All other signs second best after Virgo! We're too opposites in characteristics but I never hate it. Oftentimes we fight but it doesn't brought us in trouble,rather we still strong united and I find it as our way of showing care and love to each other.

Attu But i am getting along with piscessss!! Its really nice between uss! And by the way i am also sep 7 baby!!!!

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Hahahaha its true!! Perfect life partners, but not soul mates. We have same family and life goals and have a happy life. Just opposite in interests, so passion a bit lacking. But passion doesn't last forever anyway and usually when there is high passion, there is also relationship drama. Virgo and Sagitarious like Beyonce and Jay Z. Strong loyal female, successful dependable male, great together.