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For those who come of age, usually 21 in Ireland, the "key of the house" is given. This signifies that the person is an adult and can come and go as he pleases. In Japan , birthdays aren't celebrated as often as they are in America. Similar to China, the Japanese traditionally celebrated a person turning a year older on New Year's Day. Because children often died young in ancient times, when a boy reaches the age of five or a girl reaches the ages of three and seven, the child puts on his or her finest clothes and goes to the shrine to give thanks for health.

Children might also be allowed to purchase a bag of candy. In recent years, Western culture has begun to influence Japanese culture and some people are also celebrating their actual birthdays with parties and cake.

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Norwegians are big on celebrating birthdays. Children whose birthdays fall during the school year will be recognized in class and Norwegians celebrate birthdays with parties including food, music, dancing, and cake. The cake is typically chocolate or a fruit-and-cream type. Foods include seafood and fresh fruit.

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Instead of someone else throwing a party for her, the birthday girl or boy plans her own party and invites family and friends. The Norwegian happy birthday song is called Hurra for Deg.

Irish Birthday Traditions: Celebrating Your Birthday Lad or Lass!

Guests bring a small gift. Most birthday parties in Australia are barbecues. The weather is typically warm in Australia, so it makes sense to take the festivities outdoors with plenty of room to celebrate and mingle. Parties are typically decorated with balloons and streamers. A cake with candles is brought out and the birthday person makes a wish before blowing out the candles.

Children eat a special dish called fairy bread. Fairy bread is bread slathered with butter and covered with sugar candy sprinkles. A birthday celebration in Great Britain is very similar to one in the United States or Australia, which makes sense as England is the motherland of the other two. Children might drink "squash" which is a type of fruit drink made from syrup. Food would include a birthday cake decorated with lighted candles that represent the child's age. The child makes a wish and blows out the candles.

Although families used to participate in the tradition of being given the key to the house, this is no longer common.

In the Netherlands , birthday boys and girls host their own parties in their homes. A meal is typically served at kid's parties, but only cake is usually served at an adult birthday bash.

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Party guests greet the birthday boy or girl with the phrase "Gefeliciteerd," meaning congratulations, and a series of cheek kisses. Guests first shake hands with the host then kiss them on the right cheek, left cheek, and right cheek again. As a guest, you move through the party and congratulate all the other friends and family members of the birthday person.

Near the end of the traditional happy birthday song, a few people shout "Hieperdepiep" then everyone else yells "HOERA" with a hand raised in the air. The Dutch place a high value on all guests participating in this interactive song, so guests should be prepared to join in. Birthday parties for kids in Brazil are traditionally large, extravagant affairs. There are even specific event venues called buffet infantil whose sole purpose is hosting kid's birthday parties. No party is complete without an elaborate dessert and candy table that includes gift bags guests can fill and take home.

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The cake is the centerpiece of this dessert table and is surrounded by a huge variety of sweet treats. The special birthday person is given the first piece of cake, but doesn't keep it for himself. Instead, he gives this piece to an important person in his life like his mom or dad. These are just a few of the many birthday traditions found around the world. Each country has unique ways to celebrate birthdays and each region adds its own touch.

Individual families break it down even more with specific traditions and special memories unique to that family. How can you implement some of these ideas into your celebrations to make your birthday parties unique? Teens Pregnancy Genealogy Family Cultural Heritage and Symbols Birthday Traditions Around the World Imagine how many unique traditions there are around the world when even families in the same country have a wide variety of birthday traditions.

All Rights Reserved. Or being called into another room and arriving to find a group of your closest friends with spatulas poised to flick patties of butter at your face.

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What the? Yes people, we are talking about 'nose buttering' It might not even 'really' be Irish although it appears to have originated in that general area of the world What does it mean?

You tell us! We would love to hear your stories and explanations. One Irish birthday tradition for 21 year olds is to give them the key to the house, signifying an independent adult. We suspect 21 year olds care more about legal drinking age than letting themselves into their own houses If a key to the house captures that excitement to your birthday boy or girl Birthdays are always a good time for humor In between bumping, buttering and We recommend you choose carefully since 'age' can be a sensitive topic, and some birthday limericks can be a little Check out our page on birthday limericks to see what we mean!

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